Alumina crucible thermal analysis testing of MettlerTGA DTA Tester

Alumina crucible thermal analysis testing of MettlerTGA DTA Tester

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Alumina crucible thermal analysis testing of MettlerTGA DTA Tester

Alumina (aluminum oxide) crucibles are the crucibles that are normally used for TGA measurements, above all when the TG signal, and not the SDTA signal, is important. These crucibles can be reused. After mechanical cleaning, store them, if need be, in water (or possibly even in 10% hydrochloric acid) because many salts are soluble in water. Oxides form chlorides in hydrochloric acid, which can then be removed by rinsing. After drying, heat the crucibles to red heat to ensure that no weight loss occurs when they are used.
The crucible is manufactured from alumina with a very low SiO2 content and therefore
can be used for measuring molten metals, even at higher temperatures.

Working Temperature :  1650℃
Alumina Content: Above 99%
Purity : no interaction of the sample with the crucible
Material : guarantees high thermal   conductivity and form stability
Flatness : ensures perfect thermal contact and no artifacts
1. Burning solid material;
2. Evaporation, concentration and crystallization for solution;
3. melting and refining metal liquid space.


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